A Closer Look at the VR Box 2.0

VR Box

The VR Box 2.0 looks great. Made of quality plastic, it has large and adjustable lenses with soft foam that makes using it comfortably. The best thing about it is that it is cheap. That’s why it is one of the most popular virtual reality products on the market today. VR Box is the best entry-level virtual reality headsets. It proves to be a good upgrade to the Google Cardboard. It is the best VR headset for your smartphone.

VR Box

Features of the VR Box 2.0

Smartphone Slot – The VR Box has a slot where you can place the smartphone. You can remove the front panel of the headset to uncover the smartphone’s camera. That way you can use the camera for augmented reality software and games.

Adjustable Lenses – It comes with sliders to allow you adjust the lenses and get a better view. You’ll get clearer images when you use the virtual reality headset.

Lightweight – The weight of the VR Box is negligible, and most of the weight comes from the smartphone. It has enough straps to distribute the weight. Just make sure that you adjust the straps properly so that it is comfortable when you wear it.

Compatible with a Wide Range of Smartphones – It has a tray that can fit any type of smartphone up to 5.7 inches. With its adjustable lenses, you can easily find the sweet spot for the best view.

Controller – It comes with a controller that looks like the one from Nintendo Wii. When used with the virtual reality headset, they provide an immersive experience whether you are watching a 3D movie or playing a game. The controller connects to the VR headset via Bluetooth. You can also use the controller with other games that are compatible with it not just virtual reality ones.

Compatible with Both iOS and Android Devices – The VR Box has a toggle switch for both Android and iOS. You can also make the switch with the use of the controller.

VR Box

Build Quality of the VR Box 2.0

As an entry-level virtual reality headset, it is already a given that it is made of cheap materials. However, the headset doesn’t is well made and doesn’t have any wobbly or loose parts. The only moving part is the smartphone tray.

What You Can Do with the VR Box

There is much content for the VR Box 2.0. Most of the Google Cardboard apps and games are compatible with the virtual reality headset and controller. Make sure you adjust the lenses so that you can immerse in the VR world. Overall, it provides a smooth virtual reality experience.

Should You Buy the VR Box 2.0?

If you are looking for your first virtual reality experience, then go buy the VR Box 2.0. Its adjustable lenses make it easy to get games and videos in focus. The controller allows you to play VR games as soon as you get it out of the box. It provides great value at a very affordable price.

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