A Closer Look at the VR Box 2.0

VR Box

The VR Box 2.0 looks great. Made of quality plastic, it has large and adjustable lenses with soft foam that makes using it comfortably. The best thing about it is that it is cheap. That’s why it is one of the most popular virtual reality products on the market today. VR Box is the best…

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A Review of Blitzwolf VR Headset

VR devices help by giving the user a real-life video experience to the user. Since the technology came to limelight, it has received a slow adoption, and the reason is that there hasn’t been enough content that the users of VR devices can enjoy. However, in the recent months, the content developers have shown intent…

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Samsung Gear VR 2 Review

Gear VR 2

Is there a better way; to submerge into the world of virtual reality than with the Samsung VR headsets, powered by Oculus? Up to now, no! Samsung is king, with VR headsets that are lightweight, inexpensive, deliver crispy images, feature bright displays, and of course durable. If you love adventures right where you sit, find…

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